Thursday, October 02, 2014

Are you as tired of the steady stream of BS, and complete lack of actual workable solutions that we get from both major political parties as I am? The whining for more money, the fear-mongering, the outright lies?

Want to send them a message?

Try something that might actually get their attention. Write me (Roger J. Henn) in as your vote for multiple offices this November. If I get enough votes as a late write-in candidate, it'll get some attention from the party leadership, and they might start to realize that they need to change.

I live in Iowa House District 33, Iowa Senate District 17 and the 3rd Congressional district of Iowa, but that doesn't necessarily limit the offices you could write me in for.

If you're interested in my actual positions (not necessary for this purpose), look around here (I don't think much has actually changed since the last time I made an entry here, yet another reason for a protest vote) or ask the question here.


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